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The 15th International Exhibition of Water and Wastewater Industry of Iran

پانزدهمین نمایشگاه بین المللی صنعت آب و تاسیسات آب و فاضلاب ایران

The International Exhibition of Water Industry and Water and Wastewater Installations of Iran as the largest industrial and commercial event in Iran in this field, which is held annually with a large number of powerful domestic and foreign companies in the field of water and wastewater industry, is a great opportunity for active companies. Introduce their achievements and products in the industry to practitioners and industry leaders, and guide future activities and innovations as market demand and the direction of growth for the industry.

The 15th edition of the International Exhibition will be held at the permanent location of the Tehran International Exhibition on October 5-7.

Beh Palayesh Sabz Anahita Company

Dear colleagues and visitors, at the 15th Exhibition Hall 31A booth 114 invites you.

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تحویل سریع 15 الی 30 روز کاری پس از سفارش
خدمات قبل از فروش تست دستگاه، مشاوره فنی، انتخاب مدل
ارسال به تمام نقاط کشور امکان ارسال دستگاه به تمام نقاط ایران
گواهینامه CE - ISO - BV - SGS
محصولات برند تست دستگاه، مشاوره فنی، انتخاب مدل
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